Why Schedule Appointments Online?

Benefits of an Online Appointment System

Posted in Customer Service, Health Clubs, Online Scheduling by onlinescheduling on December 7, 2009

photo by ziggy fresh of flickr

As a fitness club owner, you have probably had a situation come up a time or two when your sports facilities (be they basketball courts, tennis courts, or racquetball courts) were accidentally double booked by an employee. Four regular clients are suddenly standing at the desk, holding down anger not helped by the anticipation of a match, wrangling over who should receive the coveted 12-1 appointment on the court.

Situations like this are inevitable when one relies on a human tracking system to black out court times, but there is a way to avoid the resulting client dissatisfaction.

The use of an online appointment system added to your club’s website will ensure that courts are never double booked again. Clients can check to see which courts are available at which times, and black out the court themselves. Computer tracked records are much better than human ones in this area!

Moreover, an online booking system might actually increase the number of clients you see coming through the doors each month. Lots of people want to take up regular court sports, but are daunted by the communications issue. When they are off work, the club is getting ready to shut down. They want to make an appointment, but no one is at the desk. Instead of trying again later, they are likely to just give up.

photo by sean dreilinger of flickr

An online booking system operating all day every day gives everyone the chance to book a court at whatever time they wish. They just check to see whats available, and slot themselves in.

Online systems can also help catch those “quickie” clients. These are the people who suddenly find themselves with nothing to do for an hour or so, and want to book a court for a game. If they have access to online information and can book that way, they will be more likely to do so rather than waste time phoning, booking, or driving in to see if anything happens to be available. You may never have empty courts again!


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